To be completely honest, one of the most frustrating things about working out on an elliptical is that the scenery never changes.  The visual field stimuli just doesn’t vary much, especially since I’m one to listen to music while working out instead of watching a TV show.  So me being me, I start to analyze everything I see and talk to God about it.  Soon enough I find myself thanking God for the barren tree right in front of my face, for its long brittle branches, its strong vertical core, the fact I can see right through it to the building across the street.  Yes, my mind is very random sometimes.  But, it doesn’t stop there.  I was just so amazed at the fact that water actually flows from the ground up through the inside of the tree to water its very tips.

I couldn’t help but see myself when I saw that tree.

It was completely barren, no leaves, not even dead ones waiting to fall.  The maximum amount of damage from the winter cold and rough winds had been done.  There was absolutely no sign of life to that tree.  The thin twigs extending radially looked as though they could have been snapped if you flicked them.  Other barren trees around this one still had the resident remains of furry friends and flying beauties.  But not this one.  Not even the parasitic mistletoe wanted to hang around this tree.  Everyone could see right through it.  Completely vulnerable, this tree has no foliage to hide its scars of wood borers and woodpeckers clinging to it for food and shelter.

Yet, this tree was thriving.

Invisible to the eyes of the World, so much nourishment and preparation was occurring in the core of this tree.  Each day, life-giving water would flow, defying the physics of gravity, from the ground up to the heights of each brittle twig.  Waiting patiently, buds use this dormancy to mature into the flowers we gaze at in awe during the spring.

Doesn’t this sound a lot like what God does in us during our dormant waiting seasons?  We may look beaten and battered by circumstances out of our control or by others who take advantage of the resources we can provide them, but we are internally strengthened.  Daily, God refuels our brittle extremities, our weak minds and tired bodies, with His Living Water that flows into us from His Spirit.  God defies gravity, breaks the laws of physics that He created, in order to renew and restore His creation.